Australian Mobile Mechanics

What we can do for you

  • Computer Diagnostics:-

  • All our mechanics are equipped with up to date Scantools and other electronic test equipment. We can retrieve codes, check sensors, probe wiring and much, much more. A lot of cars in the market today require a scantool just to reset the service interval warning. We can do this for most cars on the market, allowing us to service even newer European cars.

    Scantool Scantool2

  • Safety Check:-

    An important and often overlooked part of every service is a Safety check. we can check your brakes, tyres, steering and suspension. Just call and ask for us to give your car a good checkover and report. We can also carry out most of these repairs on the spot to keep you on the road. Even cars that do low kilometers should be given a Safet check once a year, just to be sure!

  • driveability problems:-

    Cars all to often have small (or big) issues that effect it's driveability, breaking the trust your have in your car. From squeals to clunks, from something noisy to not noisy enough. Call or email us now and we can check it out for you. Restore that confidence and piece of mind.


  • Tune ups:-

    Car feeling a bit flat? Bit rough? Get Australian Mobile Mechanics on the case

    -Older car? Points may need an adjust, some fresh plugs or perhaps just a few fine adjustments. We can get that classic or old trust going the way it should.

    -Newer car but getting up in the higher kilometers? Cars Pre-2005 often still have adjustments we can use, but mostly just need a good EFI service and clean

    -Nearly new but not quite right? After 2005 the isn't much to tune, so faults usually require Computer diagnostics or an EFI service and Clean


  • oil changes (Servicing):-

    The lifeblood of your car is oil. It's one of the most talked about parts of car maintenance! Viscosity, grade, mineral/synthetic? How often do I change it?

    Well rest assured the every Mechanic at Austrlian Mobile Mechanics knows what it's all about. But don't forget an oil change isn't all you need to do, the safety check is just as important if not more important!

    imageimage Australian Mobile Mechanics prefer using Australian oils with Pride Click here to browse our services


  • Tyres:-

    While we couldn't possibly fit tyre machines in our vans. We can replace your tyres using our workshop tyre machines. For the ultimate in convenience during servicing we can remove your wheels, replace your tyres* and refit them

    *Due to operational concerns we only offer tyre service when done with a service.


  • Brake Repair Specialists:-

    Grinding? High pitch squealing? just due for replace? Contact us and have one of our Trained Mechanics check it for you NOW

    Brakes are one of the most important systems in your car. Most cars share a similar style of brakes, and brake issues are generally common to most cars. The most simple brake maintenance requirements is a brake fluid flush, this replaces the brake fluid in the system and flushes out an contaminants that corrode and break down the brake system internals. Most people will have gone through brake pad replacement before, a relatively simple procedure (unless your vehicle is fitted with electric callipers!) but the most important part of Brake pad replacement is usually the choice of pad. Our mechanics will be happy to advise you of all the Brake Pad choices for your vehicle and which are most suitable to your needs. There are organic compound, semi metallic and ceramic. High friction, high heat and low dust. Economy, racing and heavy duty. Austrlian Mobile Mechanics will help you make the right choice.

    But it doesn't just end in Brake Pads and Fluid. There is brake shudder, brake callipers seizing and brake leaks. But we specialise in it all. We do calliper overhauls/replacement, machine/replace brake rotors, replace brake hoses and all hydraulic components such as Master Cylinders and Wheel Cylinders. Lets not forget those brake shoes and drums, as well as the Aussie (not so) favourite, the Banksia handbrake shoes.

    imageimageimage Australian Mobile Mechanics can fit most brands, but we have our tried and true favourites!

  • Exhaust Repairs:-

    Australian Mobile Mechanics can carry out most* exhaust repairs onsite. From catalytic convertors to mufflers and exhaust pipes. We can source pre made components for most makes and models to get the exhaust quiet and safe once again

    *We cannot fabricate or weld any components. But most components are available pre-made

  • Ignition barrels:-

    Holden VN-VZ igntion barrel

    An achillies heel of these model Commodores is the ignition barrel, it sticks, seizes and snaps. Our mechanics carry these barrels to get you going as quickly as possible! These can be replaced even in tricky to access areas your car may be stuck in, such as underground car parks! Contact us

  • TS Astra ignition barrel

    Another troublesome ignition barrel from GM is on the TS Astra. Ever common for seizing up on a hot day! We have experienced mechanics who can unstick it, then replace it with a new barrel to unlock you from the issue!


  • shock absorbers:-

    Shock absorbers for a crucial part of a car's stability and braking. They help the car ride the bumps, keep the wheels planted to the ground during braking and maintain comfort in all conditions. They are so important, Australian Mobile Mechanics check your shock absorbers every service, a roadtest and bounce test to check for loss of performance, then a visual check for shocker leaks and damage.
    A bounce test is a simple concept: your vehicle is bounced while stationary, to which it should respond with an upward bounce, then a downward compresion, then back up to the normal ride height. Any further movement may be a sign of worn or faulty shock absorbers.


  • Fuel Pump:-

    Fuel pump failure is one of the most common reasons for a car to break down. They have changed alot over the years, from piston pump to mechanical rotary pumps and the most common modern electric in-tank fuel pump. Symptoms are pretty similar for most cars. Usually the pump won't fail while driving, usually once it starts it won't stop. A faulty pump usually shows up during start up, the pump won't start (so neither will the car).

    Fuel Pump

    Small part... Big issues!

    Most fuel pumps can be shocked into working by a gentle tap on the tank (old mechanics trick). But your better to call Austrlian Mobile Mechanics and get a quote to replace your fuel pump.

    Ohhhh, always check your fuel level before, just in case!

  • Cooling system components:-

    The cooling system contains many components, but there are several that like to fail, most commonly in warm weather as this adds that extra pressure to the system. We can assist in all cooling system repairs to keep you and your car cool! It's always a good idea to check the whole cooling system even if one part is clearly at fault, it is called a cooling system!


    The radiator is located to the front of your car and works simply by having the coolant pumped through it, this reduces the cooloant temperature so the coolant can take more heat out of the engine



    The water pump is driven by the engine (or electric motor on some models such as BMW) and has an impellor that moves the coolant around the engine, allowing the coolant the pick up the heat from engine and move it to be cooled in the radiator/heater core. Most common failures are bearing seizure or noise, as well as leaks from seals and gaskets. Water pumps lead a harsh life, some spin well in excess of 10000rpm and deal with constant pressure and heat during operation!



    A thermostat is a simple heat operated device that restricts flow to radiator until the coolant temperature gets to a specified level. Generally overlooked until it sticks closed, so radiator flow will be restricted. Overheating and boiling tend to follow!



    Famous for blowing out on older cars, newer compounds have made hoses tougher and last longer.... But they still don't last forever. A hose simply carries the coolant around the cooling system. They main cause for hose failure is age and exposure, the rubber breaks down and looses its strength. That is when failure may occur from the strain of the temperatures and pressures. A hose blowing is usually the end of your trip, so although simple, hoses as very important