Australian Mobile Mechanics


Major Car Service



  • What is a Major service? Well we start with our Saftey Service and add a 'Tune' and further inspections as below
    *Major Service is general term and our "Major Service" is aimed at older vehicles, for newer vehicles please call for a quote on a logbook service or book a Safety service and mechanic can discuss with you further in person

  • Replacement of:-

    -Quality Engine Oil

    -Oil Filter

    -Conventional Spark Plugs

    -Economy Air Filter

    -External Type Fuel Filter


    As well as:-

    -Pressure test cooling system

    -Check and top up levels

    -Set tyre Pressures

    -Visual inspection of brakes and vehicle underbody

    -Add a premium window washer fluid

    -Use an In-Tank injector cleaning additive

    -Increased checks under your vehicle

    -Your car will be roadtested

    -Loadtest battery and check alternator charge rate

    -Finally we will the provide a report on all items of concern

  • We recommend a Major service for older vehicles or vehicles with higher miles, every 2 years


Starting from ...

Major Car Service*


  • Upto 5l Premium Mineral/Base Synthetic Engine Oil
  • Premium Oil filter (less than $25)
  • 4WD and Exotic vehicles may be extra
  • Long Life (Platinum/Iridium) will be extra
  • Internal or high cost fuel filters will be extra
  • for *8cyl engines and above, extra parts charges may apply
  • Call for details

  • *Some Makes and Models, please call for quote